Our mission is to produce projects where care leavers develop their creative identities and are recognised as individuals with purpose and potential.


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We believe in finding your element

‘Success’ is often measured in material things or career status. We think success is broader than that. It’s about feeling confident in yourself, finding your unique purpose and applying it in your everyday life. We think this can be distilled as being in your element, and appreciating all the unique elements that make up each one of us.


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We work with artists

No one group should have a monopoly over creativity: everyone is an artist, and creativity has many forms. Unlocking different ways of being creative not only increases self-confidence, but can also help to fine-tune an individual’s purpose and passion. We know that care leavers have incredible reserves of creativity, that society should sit up and listen to.



We prioritise emotional wellbeing

It is our view that emotional stability is the foundation from which to build long-lasting success in all areas of life. Often, mandatory support for care leavers focusses on practical skills - and although these are incredibly important, their effect will not be felt if not paired holistically with emotional wellbeing support. 


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We are open-minded

Our approach is one of flexibility: we design and develop our projects to fit intuitively with different teams and groups.  We have an open approach to feedback and know that many minds are better than one.



We are collaborative

We collaborate with arts and youth organisations, artistic practitioners, leaving care teams and care leaver charities. We think that the potential for multi-agency working is huge; and that when staff and organisations creatively join forces it can maximise opportunities for care leavers and propel best practice. 



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