Measuring our impact

We are passionate about robustly measuring the impact Element projects have. As part of the Project Oracle Arts Cohort we have reached Validated Standard 1 of Evidence. Our evaluation plan incorporates a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, specifically to measure:



We have developed Element-specific questions to track whether our participants recognise themselves as creative individuals with creative skills before and after a project.



We use a before and after questionnaire comprising questions from the JET framework, the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale and questions developed specifically for Element to track participants' confidence and ability to express their unique identity.



We collect post project feedback from our participants to ensure that our content is as relevant, useful and enjoyable as possible.



After a project we monitor which participants have been connected to an opportunity through the Element network, and how many young people have participated in a paid work opportunity with the Element team.

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young people have attended a workshop so far  


of participants in 2018 felt more positive about their future after a project



of participants said they would recommend Element to a friend


were proud of what they had achieved with Element



of participants in 2018 felt more confident meeting new people after a project


care leavers engaged with a post project opportunity through the Element network in 2018


Before going into Element things were very difficult: I was struggling with the idea of socialising with other people. However from the beginning I felt at ease and loved spending time with some amazing staff and young people. Element really helped me build confidence in speaking in front of people and presenting my work (which I’ve never done previously). I wouldn’t be where I am today if it
wasn’t for them.
— Hanna
I think I’ve realised that everyone can be creative. Yeah, before I thought it was like, when I thought of creative people, I thought about people who went to art school but now I’ve realised that everyone’s creative. Even me.
— Syed
It’s been awesome to be part of a group and it’s been awesome making new friends, I just wanted to say that I feel like I’ve got a little stronger, since this project and generally, it’s helped me express myself and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thank you for everything and being really understanding and helping me it has meant a lot to me!
— Daisy
It helped me with my confidence and getting to meet new people, and the staff were easy to talk to. I liked writing and loved photography and I learn some new things with the puppetry and the acting. I learnt that when I put my mind to something I can actually accomplish it. I can speak in front of a crowd of people and not get too nervous. It was surprisingly easy to present at the showcase, doing the group work built up my confidence for it and helped me to get to that point. It actually really helps people’s self esteem and encourages them to do things and get out there!
— Kat
Now I’ve actually created something in front of people… I wouldn’t normally do that you know, design something, and because I’ve designed something in that space, I thought I can’t share with other people but now that something like this has come along... I’ve basically drawn, painted, created art in front of people that I don’t even know and that’s actually given me confidence.
— Ty
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